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5 Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs

When a person makes the life-changing decision to seek addiction treatment, the choices for appropriate levels of care are many. A residential treatment program is necessary for some because of the immersive programs and 24-hour monitoring. For others, the right course of treatment might be an outpatient program is the appropriate level of care to address their addiction. Depending on the patient’s needs, another option is a partial hospitalization program (PHP.)

Offering the flexibility of outpatient treatment and the monitored structure of an inpatient program, PHP can be considered the best of both worlds when addressing addiction recovery. The goal is the same: to achieve long-term sobriety and learn coping skills not just to live but to thrive.

At Zelus Recovery, we offer patients many treatment options to best suit their needs. Reach out to learn more at 208.518.0797.

What Is a PHP?

Part inpatient and part outpatient treatment programs, the benefits of a partial hospitalization program make it easier for individuals to balance their existing commitments, obligations, and responsibilities at home or work. Taking advantage of treatment and therapies a few hours each day in a hospital setting offers more flexibility than a residential program but more monitoring than a typical intensive outpatient program. With the support of both peers and professional staff, patients gain guidance and develop skills that equip them for a lifetime of healthy decisions and lifelong wellness.

5 Benefits of a PHP

Here are some benefits of a partial hospitalization program:

  1. Provides a structured weekday routine that helps individuals work their treatment plan in a carefully monitored and controlled environment.
  2. It offers balance so they can focus on recovery while maintaining school, family, or work responsibilities.
  3. Treatment lasts as long as needed, as little as one week, one month, or more, depending on the patient’s progress.
  4. Skills gained in PHP can be practiced in the real world with a strong support network to help prepare patients for whatever part of the journey they encounter next.
  5. Lower cost than a full-time residential addiction treatment program

Choose Zelus Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Program

In part, it’s due to our dedicated team of therapists and addiction specialists whose dedication and skill make our partial hospitalization program effective. We have experience and effectiveness earned over the past decade of helping people overcome their addiction issues.

Of the several benefits of partial hospitalization programs, the treatment approaches that our caring staff uses make a difference and greatly improve the recovery experience, which affects long-term success rates.

Our special care team has the experience and technology to help with various behavioral and mental issues, including addiction. There must be a continuum of care available to support those seeking sobriety through every phase of their early recovery to be successful.

Don’t Wait To Seek Continued Help – Reach Out to Zelus Recovery Today

Taking the next step in finding the right services to get the help you need is very important. Zelus Recovery’s professional staff is specially trained to treat and support people seeking sobriety in our partial hospitalization program. Our programs give them the tools and support they want to overcome addiction and embrace recovery.

PHP at Zelus Recovery is the balance of a part-time hospitalization with the full-time pursuit of recovery. Our programs provide an opportunity to heal from addiction’s mental and physical toll and give you the resources to maintain long-term sobriety.

If you or someone you care about might benefit from our partial hospitalization program in Boise, Idaho, reach out to Zelus Recovery today by completing the online contact form or calling 208.518.0797 to speak with someone from our friendly staff.