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What to Expect from Medication Management

All facets of healthcare that surround addiction treatment need to be well-managed. From the diagnosis of an addiction to the action plan to treat it, each step of an individual’s journey to sobriety requires care and management to succeed ultimately.

The complexity of a patient’s response and recovery is as individual as the person experiencing detox. When someone stops using drugs, the brain struggles to adapt because a physical dependence on those chemicals has been established. When individuals stop using, they may experience cravings or encounter withdrawal symptoms, sometimes causing life-threatening side effects.

Medication management services help those seeking sobriety safely stop using drugs and prevent relapse. When treatment therapy is done correctly, it can make the difference between success and failure on the journey to recovery.

What Is Medication Management?

Medication management is important when taking any drug, especially for drugs with addictive properties. And when a person with a drug dependence discontinues its use, side effects are typically challenging and occasionally life-threatening. Immediate cessation, or stopping “cold-turkey,” is not recommended.

The use of any medication chemically alters both the body and brain. Often, relapses occur simply due to the chemical absence left behind when discontinuing the use of an addictive substance. You can expect a medication management program to free the patient from the grip of an addictive substance by actively controlling prescribed medications to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms and help prevent relapse. Zelus Recovery offers specialized medication management services that include dispensing and overseeing prescription intake and other resources that help manage the recovery process stages.

A medication management program may be right for you in these instances:

  • When there is drug or alcohol dependence to help with detox
  • For outpatient detox services
  • When more than one drug is abused is a factor
  • To reduce injection drug abuse and reduce public health risks associated with this method of drug use

How Does Medication Management Work?

After an assessment, trained professionals provide counseling, therapy, and other treatment services in a medical management program. Medications are evaluated regularly and dispensed by trained providers.

Many addiction treatment programs use medication management services throughout the detoxification process, working in tandem with other aspects of recovery like individual, group, and family counseling. These medications act to stabilize symptoms, improve treatment outcomes, and clear a path to encourage an individual’s sustained recovery.

A team of experienced professionals should manage detox to allow the drug to safely process out of the body under supervision using these medications—this help to alleviate or minimize the withdrawal symptoms and minimize cravings that could lead to relapse. Managing medication on your own may be problematic, and you may benefit from the security of professionally managed medications in the pursuit of sobriety. Under the experienced care of a medical professional, part of a comprehensive treatment plan, they can be highly beneficial to long-term recovery. Zelus Recovery offers expert navigation through the complexity of addiction treatment to ensure that patients are on the correct path and that the right route delivers the right drug and dosage at the right time for each individual. Our medical staff is determined to prescribe a minimal amount of drugs to achieve the maximal effect and provide support.

Get the Support You Need Today at Zelus Recovery

Managing medication is often a complex undertaking, and the caring staff at Zelus Recovery can provide that support. Find out more about our medication management program designed specifically for those recovering from addiction. If you or someone you care about needs help, reach out to our team today by completing the online form or calling 208.518.0797 to speak with one of our specially-trained staff.