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5 Benefits of Process Addiction Treatment

Process addiction, also known as behavioral addiction, is a form of addiction that involves a compulsion to engage in rewarding non-substance-related behavior. This behavior could be anything from gambling to shopping, eating, or internet use. If you or someone you know struggles with such an addiction, you might be considering process addiction treatment. There are many process addiction treatment benefits that make such a treatment worth it.

To learn about Zelus Recovery’s process addiction treatment program in Boise, Idaho, call 208.518.0797 today. Our behavior addiction treatment is here to help you or a loved one live the best life possible.

What Is Process Addiction?

Process addiction refers to compulsive behavior that can become harmful over time. Unlike substance addiction, process addiction involves behaviors or activities instead of substances. Despite not involving a physical substance, these addictions can be just as destructive and difficult to overcome, impacting one’s mental, emotional, and sometimes even physical health.

Behaviors and activities include:

  • Shopping
  • Gambling
  • Eating
  • Internet and video game use
  • Compulsive exercise or dieting
  • Pornography consumption

Though not a traditional substance addiction, these behaviors can still become destructive when someone is unable to control them. Process addiction treatment can help those struggling with such addictions learn how to better manage their behaviors and take back control of their lives.

How Behavior Addiction Treatment in Idaho Can Help

Behavior addiction treatment in Idaho, like the programs offered at Zelus Recovery in Meridian, provides comprehensive care for individuals struggling with process addiction. We use a holistic approach to treat the whole person, addressing not only the addiction itself but also any co-occurring mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress discover.

Our specially trained team offers a range of therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), group therapy, and individual therapy. These treatments aim to help individuals understand their addiction, identify triggers, develop coping strategies, and work toward recovery. We can help build a brighter future for you and your loved ones.

Common Process Addiction Treatment Benefits

The following are common process addiction treatment benefits:

Improved Mental Health

Process addiction often co-exists with mental health disorders. At Zelus Recovery, we offer co-occurring disorder treatment, helping individuals manage both their addiction and mental health conditions simultaneously.

Holistic Approach

Our treatment focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit. We believe that to truly overcome addiction, all aspects of a person’s life must be addressed. This comprehensive approach can lead to lasting recovery.

Individualized Treatment

Not everyone’s journey to recovery is the same. We offer a range of programs and services that we tailor to each individual’s needs. Whether it’s our telehealth program, intensive outpatient program, or men’s and women’s rehab programs, we ensure that treatment aligns with each person’s unique circumstances.

Skill Development

Through therapies like CBT and DBT, individuals can develop crucial skills to manage their addiction. These skills can include stress management, emotional regulation, mindfulness, and improved social skills. This can help you strengthen your bonds with your relatives and your friends and create healthy relationships.

Support Network

One of the significant benefits of receiving treatment at a process addiction center is the support network it provides. Individuals can connect with others experiencing similar struggles, providing mutual support and understanding.

Call Zelus Recovery Now

The benefits of process addiction treatment are numerous. It provides a comprehensive approach to recovery. Process addiction treatment addresses both the addiction and any co-existing mental health conditions. At Zelus Recovery, we take behavioral addiction in Idaho seriously. We’re committed to providing compassionate care for those struggling with process addiction. Contact us at 208.518.0797 to learn about the benefits of our process addiction in Idaho today.