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Preparing for a Partial Hospitalization Program

If you are considering addiction treatment, you may give thought to a partial hospitalization program (PHP). A PHP can be an effective form of treatment. It is particularly effective when partial hospitalization program preparations are made. 

Zelus Recovery’s partial hospitalization program in Boise, Idaho, is here to help both adults and adolescents. Our program is designed to provide intensive treatment in a safe and secure environment that allows for flexibility and the ability to return home each day. To learn more about our PHP in Idaho, call us at 208.518.0797 today. 

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?  

A partial hospitalization program, often called PHP, is a form of intensive outpatient treatment for individuals struggling with substance misuse and co-occurring mental health conditions. This program typically involves several hours of therapy per day, five days a week. The key feature distinguishing a PHP from a full-time residential program is that the patient returns home at the end of each day. Zelus Recovery, located in Meridian, Idaho, offers such programs to assist in the recovery of patients struggling with addiction. 

Telehealth PHP  

At Zelus Recovery, we want individuals to undergo addiction treatment on their own terms. Whether patients opt for telehealth or face-to-face therapy, the intention is for all to experience comfort. The team has undergone special training in telehealth therapy, ensuring that anyone accessing this mode of treatment is afforded the same level of care and standard as those choosing to engage in treatment in person. 

Partial Hospitalization Program Preparation 

Preparing for a partial hospitalization program often includes: 

  • Understanding what the program encompasses to reduce any anxiety or apprehension about the process 
  • Establishing a support network of friends, family members, or mentors who can provide emotional support throughout the treatment process  
  • Making logistical arrangements, such as scheduling time off from work or organizing childcare 
  • Expecting inclusion of detoxification and treatment for co-occurring disorders, along with group and individual therapy, as part of the program 

Preparing for a PHP can significantly enhance the effectiveness of treatment and reduce the likelihood of relapse, making it a crucial step in the journey toward recovery. 

Why Preparing for a PHP Is Important 

Partial hospitalization program preparations are paramount for several reasons. Uunderstanding what to expect from the program can help reduce anxiety and promote participation in all aspects of treatment. Having a strong support network in place can enhance the effectiveness of treatment and reduce the likelihood of relapse. Preparing for a PHP allows individuals to make logistical arrangements, such as scheduling time off work or arranging childcare, which can make the transition into treatment smoother. 

Our PHP in Idaho 

At Zelus Recovery, our goal is to make the transition into treatment as seamless as possible. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment for all patients, with programs tailored to each individual’s needs. Our PHP includes: 

  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders 
  • Group therapy 
  • Individual therapy 
  • An emphasis on the family’s role in recovery 

Deciding to participate in a PHP is a significant step towards recovery. This treatment option can be particularly beneficial for individuals who require intensive treatment but also need the flexibility to return home daily. It is also suitable for those who have completed a residential program and are looking for a step-down level of care. A PHP provides a comprehensive treatment approach that can heal the mind, body, and spirit. We believe that recovery is a process and want to ensure our patients get the care and support they need throughout this journey.  

Call Zelus Recovery’s PHP in Idaho Now 

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and considering a PHP, contact Zelus Recovery at 208.518.0797 today. We are here to help. A brighter, healthier life is possible with the proper support and help.