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3 Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient programs offer the intensity and focus of an inpatient program combined with the independence offered by an outpatient setting. Many patients are not able to commit to a residential program because of commitments such as work, family life, or they are not qualified for an inpatient program. If this is the case for you or your loved one, intensive outpatient programs can be an effective way to begin your journey to recovery.

At Zelus Recovery, our experienced team recognizes that addiction is a disease that requires comprehensive treatment. If you are searching for an intensive outpatient program in Boise, Idaho, Zelus Recovery has options for you. Reach out to one of our healthcare professionals today online or at 208.518.0797 to discuss our treatment options and begin your journey to recovery.

3 Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment

1. Easily Accessible Programs

By not requiring patients to live on-site, IOPs have become extremely accessible programs for many patients. Accessibility for these programs does not end at scheduling. Intensive outpatient treatment programs cost significantly less in comparison to residential programs. Committing your time and money to an intensive inpatient program can be a lot for some, which is why IOPs are available.

2. Increased Opportunities

Intensive outpatient treatment programs offer many opportunities for their patients, such as opportunities to establish community-based support. IOPs also allow patients to have more responsibility for their own treatment, immediately using what they learn in their sessions in real-life situations.

3. Clinical Flexibility

IOPs offer clinical flexibility to respond to a patient’s needs. Every week your clinician will evaluate your treatment and progress and adjust so that you are receiving the most beneficial care possible.

Additional benefits of intensive outpatient treatment for addiction include:

  • Increased duration of outpatient treatment has shown to lead to better recovery outcomes
  • Greater patient responsibility
  • Enhanced treatment programs for relapses

Intensive outpatient treatment centers can be extremely beneficial for patients who require an intense treatment program but cannot commit to a residential program for any reason.

Why Use Intensive Outpatient Programs?

Intensive outpatient programs are designed to address and treat addictions, eating disorders, or other addictions or dependencies that do not require constant surveillance. Intensive outpatient treatment is especially beneficial for patients who cannot stop their everyday lives to attend a residential program. IOPs allow patients to go about their lives while also having access to a necessary treatment program designed to help them succeed.

IOPs are different from intensive inpatient programs as they allow a sense of independence, whereas the latter do not. Residential treatment requires patients to stay on-site, whereas patients undergoing intensive outpatient treatment get to live at home. In some cases, IOPs are used in conjunction with inpatient programs to encourage patients to adapt smoothly back into their communities, provide relapse management, and teach coping strategies.

IOPs Aren’t for Everybody

While many patients find intensive outpatient programs extremely helpful, the truth is that they aren’t for everybody. Ideal candidates for an IOP have access to a safe living environment with supportive family members or friends. When a patient lives in a community with others who may engage in substance use, residential treatment is recommended to separate the patient from possible relapse triggers.

IOPs are not recommended for patients suffering from more severe addiction cases or patients with co-occurring disorders. If you struggle with either of these, our healthcare professionals might refer you to an inpatient program.

Find Support in an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program at Zelus Recovery

Seeking treatment for an addiction can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Our Zelus Recovery team is ready to walk you through each step of the admissions process. Reach out to one of our professionals today by calling 208.518.0797 or filling out our online form to discuss IOPs at Zelus Recovery.