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The Importance of PTSD Treatment Centers

The decision to get care for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms can be a difficult one. However, it is crucial to remember that you are not alone. Without a doubt, the best thing you can do for yourself is to begin searching for a PTSD treatment program that fits your needs.

If you’re interested in a PTSD treatment program in Boise, ID, our Zelus Recovery team can help. We proudly provide support and healing for those dealing with the effects of trauma. Reach out to one of our professionals at Zelus Recovery online or at 208.518.0797 to discuss your treatment options at our PTSD treatment centers today.

What Is PTSD?

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a psychiatric disorder that often occurs in those who have experienced traumatic events.

Some examples of traumatic events that may leave an individual with PTSD include:

  • A natural disaster
  • A serious accident
  • Terrorism
  • Combat
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic abuse

People with PTSD often have intense and disturbing thoughts and feelings related to their experience that last long after the event. This may express itself through flashbacks or frequent nightmares. These flashbacks and nightmares may make the individual feel sad, fearful or angry, or detached from others who have not experienced the same thing. Those with post-traumatic stress disorder may avoid situations or people that remind them of the event that traumatized them. They may also have adverse reactions to something like an unexpected noise or touch.

Symptoms of PTSD

Symptoms of PTSD are categorized into four sections, and specific symptoms may vary in severity.

The four sections of PTSD symptoms include:

  • Intrusion – Intrusive thoughts such as repeated involuntary memories, distressing dreams, or incessant flashbacks are common symptoms of PTSD. Flashbacks tend to be so vivid that people often feel like they are re-living the traumatic experience.
  • Avoidance – Often, people with PTSD tend to avoid reminders of the traumatic event that they experienced. This may include avoiding people, places, activities, objects, and situations that may trigger specific memories. People may try to avoid thinking about or speaking about the traumatic event.
  • Alterations in cognition and mood – Individuals with PTSD often cannot remember important aspects of the traumatic events that happened to them. They also often experience negative thoughts and feelings about themselves or the event, leading to ongoing and distorted beliefs about themselves or others. People with PTSD often feel that they contributed to the traumatic event that scarred them, leading them to have negative thoughts about themselves or others who did not prevent it.
  • Alterations in reactivity – There may be more frequent angry outbursts for somebody with PTSD. They might be more reactive than they were before the traumatic incident.

Why Seek PTSD Treatment in Boise?

If you or a loved one has PTSD, finding the right PTSD treatment centers will be incredibly important to you. People who enroll in the PTSD treatment center at Zelus Recovery often dramatically improve their quality of life.

Treatment can also help a patient:

  • Make sense of the trauma
  • Learn skills to better handle negative thoughts and feelings
  • Reconnect with people you care about
  • Set goals for things such as work and school that you can handle

Post-traumatic stress disorder treatment can help individuals live a happy and healthy life despite what has happened to them. Don’t let your trauma hold you back forever. Zelus Recovery is here to offer PTSD treatment in Boise.

Find Support for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder at Zelus Recovery

At Zelus Recovery, our team understands that post-traumatic stress disorder can really set you back for a number of reasons. However, when you learn healthy coping mechanisms and reconnect with your loved ones through treatment at our PTSD treatment center, healing is possible. If you or your loved ones have any questions or concerns about Zelus Recovery’s PTSD treatment centers, reach out to us online or at 208.518.0797 today.