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Can Group Therapy Help My Drug Addiction?

If you’re struggling with addiction, you may have researched various treatment options. At Zelus Recovery, we want our patients to heal on their own terms. This may mean gender-specific therapy or telehealth visits rather than in-person in some circumstances. For many, group therapy can be an extremely effective drug addiction treatment plan.

Our Zelus Recovery team offers many treatment plans for those struggling with drug addiction, as well as other mental illnesses associated with addiction. If you believe you or someone you care about might benefit from group therapy, contact one of our intake specialists today by calling 208.518.0797 or filling out our convenient online form.

Understanding Group Therapy

Like individual therapy, family therapy, and medication management, group therapy is an extremely beneficial and effective treatment plan for substance use disorders. Group therapy refers broadly to any type of therapy that influences symptom reduction and recovery in a group of at least two people.

Unlike family therapy, members in group therapy will likely not have a pre-existing relationship. Instead, group therapy can bring together individuals struggling with addiction to discuss various drug addiction group topics within a safe community. These sessions are conducted by a trained leader within a therapeutic setting. If you are interested in beginning your journey to recovery, group therapy may be extremely beneficial for you.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Like other types of therapy, group therapy has many advantages for those struggling with addiction.

Some benefits of group therapy include:

  • Educating members about the process of recovery
  • Providing a supportive environment of peers to maintain goals of recovery
  • Teaching healthy coping skills to avoid substance use
  • Encouraging structure and routine
  • Introducing relationships between group members that can be used for support
  • Allowing individuals to feel validated and supported

Group therapy offers a safe community for those struggling with addiction to communicate and support each other’s goals. It can be extremely helpful to speak to others going through similar situations. If you think group therapy is right for you, reach out to our Zelus Recovery team today to discuss a treatment plan.

Can Group Therapy Help My Drug Addiction?

While there are several benefits to group therapy, it is not for everyone. Before deciding if group therapy is for you, consider speaking to a provider about your:

  • Stage in recovery
  • Treatment preferences
  • Individual needs
  • Emotional standing
  • Co-occurring disorders

Based on their current status, some people may not be a fit for group therapy. Group therapy may not be effective or appropriate for those who:

  • Do not consider group therapy a viable treatment option
  • Do not follow group rules of confidentiality
  • Are extremely anxious in new situations or with new people
  • Are currently in crisis

If you and your provider agree that group therapy is right for you, you will be matched with a group that suits your individual needs. In some cases, women and adolescents will require special consideration when placed in therapy groups.

Group Therapy Models

Once you’ve decided that group therapy is right for you, our team will work with you to determine which of the numerous separate models of group sessions will be most beneficial.

Psychoeducational Groups

Psychoeducational groups are less focused on developing relationships between patients and more focused on providing education through information sharing and developing healthy coping mechanisms.

Psychoeducational groups provide therapeutic help for those suffering from addiction. This group model encourages individuals to recognize the impact of substance abuse and teaches positive skills such as relaxation, mediation, and anger management.

Skill Development Groups

In these groups, the material provided will be more specific to the individual group members and their needs. Drug addiction group topics could include:

  • Handling triggers
  • Positively interacting with others
  • Improving parenting skills

Explore Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment at Zelus Recovery

For many, group therapy is an extremely effective tool when recovering from substance addiction. If you’re considering group therapy as part of your drug addiction treatment plan, reach out to our Zelus Recovery team by calling 208.518.0797 or completing our online contact form.