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Finding Help for Substance Abuse

If you’re concerned about a loved one struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, knowing where to get help for substance abuse can make a huge difference. While there are many drug rehab facilities throughout the country, not all offer the same benefits and amenities.

Teens and young adults, especially, need substance abuse treatment geared toward their age group. With the right type of rehab, they can get their lives back on track toward a bright future.

Finding Help for Substance Abuse

Are you a parent who’s worried about a child with an addiction? It can be heartbreaking to realize your teen or young adult is suffering but don’t give up hope. There are many options available for your family from early intervention to intensive outpatient programs.

You might begin by looking for nearby treatment centers. Because family therapy is often a significant component of rehab, you’ll want a facility close by so that everyone can participate. After all, addiction impacts the entire family unit, not just a single individual.

Your family physician may be able to refer you to an appropriate facility. Make sure you select a place that has substance abuse programs that will meet your child’s specific needs, whether it’s dual diagnosis treatment or behavioral therapy.

Specialized Treatment for Teens and Young Adults

Addiction is tough enough for adults, but it can be especially problematic for adolescents and young adults. At this age, kids are still developing. Substance abuse can get in the way of healthy brain development and social skills.

Teens and young adults have different reasons for using compared to adult men and women. They’re often more easily pressured by their peers or have an undiagnosed mental health disorder. The pressure on our children growing up is enormous. Many teens find drugs and alcohol as a way to relieve stress and anxiety to escape. Getting help for substance abuse that meets their unique needs is the most effective approach to recovery. It has to address these unique issues teens and young adults face.

Because adolescents and young adults often live at home with their parents, choosing a treatment center that promotes a strong family therapy program is essential. This helps parents, siblings, and close friends participate in helping their loved ones. Outpatient or intensive outpatient programs can accommodate clients who still have to attend school and work.

For concerned parents, the right rehab facility can give their child — and the whole family — the hope they’ve been searching for.

Recovery with Zelus Recovery

Not all drug rehab centers are designed to accommodate teens and young adults, but Zelus Recovery does exactly that. We’re an addiction treatment facility in Meridian, Idaho, that only accepts adolescents and young adults. We service clients from Meridian, Boise, Eagle, Nampa, and beyond.

Our programs include:

The compassionate team of professionals at Zelus Recovery understands the unique issues that teens and young adults grapple with as they grow. With our support, clients and their families begin the healing process to create a better future for their loved ones. We take a multi-systemic and individualized approach that relies heavily on participation from loved ones.

Find specialized substance abuse treatment with the following:

Finding help for substance abuse doesn’t need to be stressful. Contact Zelus Recovery today by calling 208.518.0797, and we’ll provide the tools and guidance you need to break free of dependency. Find the treatment your child deserves.