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Making Resolutions that Help with Recovery

When you are on the path towards addiction recovery, the decisions you make each and every day play a role in your short and long-term outcome. When it comes to making a New Year’s resolution, ensure that every decision you make is one that is going to encourage and foster sobriety and health in the coming year. Your resolution should always focus on recovery. At Zelus Recovery, we work closely with you through our addiction treatment programs in Idaho to ensure that your New Year’s resolution will be a guide for positive outcomes in the future.

Why a New Year’s Resolution Has to Focus on Recovery

There are a lot of promises people make to themselves throughout their lifetime. In recovery, every decision you make or resolution you create has to be one that supports your recovery. For example, you may want to have more fun in the coming year. That sounds good, but it does not support recovery.

Here are some simple things to consider when you make your New Year’s resolution.

  • It would help your recovery process if you looked at mental health as a primary goal. In other words, always focus on a resolution that supports your mental health, including limiting depression and anxiety.
  • Choose a resolution that’s positive for your overall health. That includes your mental, physical, and spiritual health.
  • Support your recovery with a resolution focused on meeting new people or starting a new hobby. A new activity or social group gets you away from triggers that could create a potential risk for you.
  • Keep things simple. Avoid complex resolutions that you are not going to stick with or have the tools to focus on.
  • Use your resolution to celebrate life. Recovery shines a light on the fact that life is limited. Think about what can you do to make this year really worthwhile from a healthy standpoint?

When you focus on these areas, you’ll open the door for new opportunities and a future that you’ll enjoy.

Don’t Over Promise and Put Addiction Recovery on the Line

Keep in mind that a New Year’s resolution should not be so hard or so demanding that it puts you at risk of struggling with mental health. When overpromising, you put yourself at risk of failure, stress, and trauma. That makes it harder for you to achieve goals, putting you at risk for relapse. Remember that true change comes incrementally, and not all at once.

Instead, choose something that’s realistic with a bit of work to achieve. Success with achievable goals eventually escalates to obtaining more ambitious goals.

Know When You Need Help During Recovery

Yet another factor to keep in mind is knowing when you need more help in addiction recovery. There are going to be tough times, and the holidays are one of the most common times to need this support.

Even when the New Year is well on its way, you need to recognize your need for additional help and then secure it. You may even want to make that your New Year’s resolution, to be self-aware enough to get help when you need it.

We can help you with programs such as:

Make the Decision to Get Help Now by Calling Zelus Recovery

For a New Year’s resolution, focus on your health, and ensure you have the right amount and type of support for your needs. Recovery is a process and takes time, but it starts with a single decision to get help. Our team at Zelus Recovery can help you when you give us a call at 208.518.0797 or connect with us online.