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Signs of Alcoholism in Young Adults

Recognizing the signs of alcoholism in a teen or young adult can be challenging. That’s because, at this age, many people are going through rapid changes in hormones and development. What may seem like normal teen angst could be something much more worrisome. Spotting these concerns in young adults is possible with a careful eye on what’s happening. At Zelus Recovery, our team can provide you with the support you need through this process.

Common Signs of Alcoholism in Young Adults and Teens

Alcoholism in young adults can be harder to spot than in adults, but it is still possible to see the warning signs if you pay close attention to what’s happening.  Look for signs such as:

  • Changes in academic performance – While slipping grades may be a concern, it may be teen addiction when those grades are changing significantly and rapidly. Often, this is due to a change in focus. Teens may no longer be focused on school but rather on their next drink.
  • Changes in appearance – Many teens who drink alcohol are less likely to eat nutritious foods. They may have trouble sleeping. This can lead to significant weight loss or gain, pale skin, and bloodshot eyes.
  • New friends and interests – Many teens outgrow friends, but when it comes to spotting addiction, look for a change in a friendship that may be bringing in those people who are already using drugs or alcohol. You don’t want your teen or young adult to be a victim of peer pressure.
  • Changes in behavior – Many teens with addiction problems will get in trouble more often. They may need money all of the time. Sometimes they may even find themselves fighting with their parents more than they ever have.
  • Mood swings – When alcohol is not available, this can create drastic mood swings, irritability, and insomnia. It can also create body aches and pains as well.

When you notice young adult addiction occurring, take action. You don’t have to guess what’s happening. Instead, talk about alcoholism to young adults and teens with respect. Ask them if they are using, how much, and how often. Then determine if it may be time for addiction treatment.

When Should Young Adults and Teens Get Addiction Treatment?

Alcoholism in young adults is not uncommon, but it can lead to a potential tragedy if you do not take action soon enough. That means calling and getting help for your addiction. Treatment is necessary when a person engages in alcoholism while knowing the risks of doing so. They may compulsively drink or think about drinking all the time. It may also be time to call for help for alcoholism if a teen is no longer able to stop using or control how much is consumed. These are signs of addiction.

When your teen or young adult is ready for it, addiction treatment is available at Zelus Recovery. It is one of the most important ways to improve your future. Without treatment, teens and young adults are susceptible to ongoing addictive behaviors. That often includes leading to much more dangerous drugs. That’s why acting now to get help can prove a life-saver. Our team can offer the help needing including through programs such as:

Find the Support You Need at Zelus Recovery

Alcoholism can happen to anyone who uses alcohol consistently or binge drinks. When it comes to young adult addiction, the path forward can seem very worrisome. Treatment can help restore your health and provide you with the support you need to start feeling better about your future. Learn more when you reach out to Zelus Recovery by calling 208.518.0797 or connecting with our team online.