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What Is Rehab Like?

Most people with addiction know that they need help. However, they typically fear the unknown. That’s why so many adolescents and young adults refuse to seek help at a rehab center. Knowing what is rehab like takes away the mystery and makes seeking professional help less intimidating.

Choosing a Rehab Program

A woman wonders, "What is rehab like?"Addiction treatment changes depending on the rehab programs that people choose. A day in an inpatient program is different than an outpatient program in many ways. The biggest difference is that people live at the rehab center during inpatient treatment. During outpatient treatment, though, they return home at the end of the day.

With inpatient rehab, how people spend their mornings and nights are different than in outpatient rehab. Regardless, they typically engage in the same types of therapy during the day.

What Is Rehab Like During the Morning?

In most cases, people get up early when they stay at a rehab center. Most facilities start them with a hearty and healthy breakfast for the day. Some offer holistic morning programs to kick off the day, including yoga and meditation.

Even if people choose outpatient rehab, they may still have to get up early for treatment. While outpatient residents typically don’t eat breakfast at the rehab center, they can participate in the morning treatment programs.

Daily Treatment

At a teen drug rehab center, the experts schedule daily therapy sessions. In general, they start in the early afternoon and continue through much of the day. Sometimes teens only go to one or two sessions, or they may attend more meetings.

Other times, a rehab center breaks the types of therapy sessions on specific days. For example, they might schedule individual therapy on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Then they hold group therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Family therapy typically happens on specific days to make it easier for family members to attend.

Free Time

Reducing stress is an integral part of substance abuse programs. As a result, the rehab center staff tries not to overwhelm teens with back-to-back therapy sessions. Therapists give them a little free time so that they can relax. A rehab center might even provide facilities such as hiking trails, basketball courts, and tennis courts.

Don’t Let Fear of the Unknown Keep Your Teen From Rehab

Don’t let not knowing what is rehab like keep you from finding support for your teen. The goal of an adolescent treatment center is to make them feel comfortable and overcome addiction. Let our team at Zelus Recovery provide the rehab experience that he or she needs to overcome addiction. Some of the programs that we offer include:

  • Gender-specific rehab
  • Inpatient rehab
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Family therapy
  • Group and individual therapies
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Don’t wait any longer to get help. Take the first step toward helping your teen beat addiction today. Call Zelus Recovery at 208.518.0797 to find out more about an average day at our rehab center.