Many different addictions don’t get as much attention due to the overwhelming opioid crisis that we’re facing today. One of the reasons many people don’t get help is because they believe addiction isn’t as bad as other substances. The reality is that becoming dependent on any substance can begin to take control of your life in a negative way. MDMA addiction is a big issue that’s affecting many young people around the country, and it can start in subtle ways.

How MDMA Addiction Begins

man suffering from a MDMA addiction or ecstasy addictionMDMA addiction can begin in different ways for different people, but the results can all lead to the same problems. This is also known as an ecstasy addiction, which affects more young people than it does the older generations. This addiction can often develop from living a party lifestyle because people use this drug in order to have a heightened experience. The problem is that an ecstasy addiction can begin to develop as you continue to use the drug every time you party.

The biggest issue with addiction is the way that affects a part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. This is the part of the brain that separates humans from animals because it gives us the ability to be self-aware and control impulses. When you develop an addiction, you lack self-awareness, which can make you justify and rationalize your use. For example, many people don’t think they have an ecstasy addiction because they only use the drug when they party. The issue is that partying is happening so frequently, that you’re constantly abusing this drug.

This is why it’s so important to look for the signs and symptoms of an MDMA addiction, which can include:

  • Using more of the drug than you planned
  • Constantly thinking about the next time you can use the drug
  • Use of the drug is affecting your work or school
  • You’re having family issues because of your drug use
  • Most of your problems are the result of using this drug

MDMA Addiction and Mental Illness

The leading cause of substance abuse is when someone is also struggling with a mental illness. Dealing with symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD or other illness can lead you to self-medicating. When you begin to have problems with addiction as well as your mental illness, you then have a dual diagnosis. Over time, the abuse of the drug can make your problems worse, which is why you need to seek addiction counseling.

Substance abuse programs that offer mental health treatment as well as treatment for ecstasy addiction greatly help. If you’re tired of living the way you’re living, you can get the help you need from professionals who specialize in addiction. Addiction treatment therapy allows you to work with someone who can help you discover the root causes of your substance abuse. You may not even realize that your abuse of this drug is due to the fact that you’re struggling with some sort of mental illness.

Overcoming Ecstasy Addiction

Zelus Recovery offers addiction treatment programs for young people as well as adolescents in Idaho. If you’re struggling with an MDMA addiction, we want you to know that there is hope. We have a team of caring, passionate professionals who work hard to help young people recover. Zelus offers various programs to help you as well as your family begin the healing process. Some of the therapies we use include:

For more information about beating your MDMA addiction, call Zelus Recovery today at 866-365-4436.