Drug abuse among teens and young adults is a growing problem and keeps them from meeting their full potential. While teens struggle with many drugs, stimulant drug addiction is among the worst. However, what is a stimulant drug? What are the dangers it could cause? Can Boise substance abuse programs help?

What Are Stimulant Drugs?

young man sitting alone struggling with a Stimulant Drug AddictionStimulants are drugs that work on the central nervous system. In most cases, they increase cognitive function and alertness. They’re available as both prescriptions and illegal substances. No matter which type that people buy, both have the potential for abuse and addiction.

People can take stimulants in many ways. How they use the drugs depends on the type of stimulant that they choose. In general, though, they either snort, inject or swallow stimulants. Typically, snorting and injecting them increases the risk of stimulant drug addiction the most.

What Are Some Examples of Stimulant Drugs?

When it comes to prescription drugs, the most common stimulants are those that doctors prescribe for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The most popular brands are Ritalin, Adderall, and Concerta.

However, other prescription stimulants have the potential to cause addiction as well. Ephedrine is just one example. Doctors prescribe it for people who have asthma. Also, it’s useful as an appetite suppressant.

In terms of illegal substances, there are many stimulant drugs. Cocaine may be the most common and well-known one. However, addiction education teaches people that other illicit drugs, such as meth, are stimulants too.

Why Is Stimulant Drug Addiction Such a Problem Among Young Adults?

The biggest abusers of stimulant drugs are young adults. Because of that, they’re more likely to need Adderall addiction treatment. Experts believe that multiple factors contribute to this outcome.

Firstly, this prescription stimulant is fairly easy for teens and young adults to get. It’s common for them to have at least a few friends who have ADHD. In these situations, they can easily buy or steal some of those friends’ ADHD medications.

Another reason is that young adults often need the extra energy. Many of them try to balance having jobs, going to college and maintaining social lives. With only so many hours in the day, they push their bodies to the limit in order to do everything. To keep going, they take stimulants to stay awake and alert, which puts their health at risk.

Also, some people in college develop stimulant drug addiction after they use these drugs as a study aid. When it comes to all-night cram sessions, nothing keeps them focused as stimulants do. In fact, many students around campuses typically sell these drugs, including their own ADHD medications. In the end, though, students put their lives on the line when they try to cram at the last second.

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