Paying for rehab is a common problem during recovery. Through options like Aetna health insurance in Idaho, individuals can get financial support. Insurance companies will often cover all or most of the costs of treatment. By getting the right financial support, individuals can get the treatment they need.

Will Insurance Companies Cover Rehab?

man and woman discussing Aetna Health Insurance in IdahoWhen looking for rehab, the cost is a big factor. Aetna health insurance in Idaho has to follow the same rules as other insurance companies. Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurers have to treat drug addiction like any other medical problem.

This means that the insurer has to have rehab insurance coverage. The amount that a plan covers depends on the state and the individual plan. Some states require insurers to cover all of the treatment. Depending on the actual plan, the insurer may also pay for all or part of the treatment.

Going to rehab is an important step toward recovery. Dealing with addiction is difficult enough. Having to worry about financial costs is unnecessary stress. By asking what Aetna health insurance in Idaho will cover, individuals, can make sure that they pay as little as possible for rehab.

Using Aetna Health Insurance in Idaho

Aetna health insurance in Idaho offers coverage for medical, dental and vision plans. Depending on the plan’s premium, the individual gets a different amount of coverage and pays different coinsurance costs. Individuals need to sign up for insurance during the open enrollment period to make sure that they have coverage.

While Aetna health insurance in Idaho is one option for covering rehab, there are other financing plans available as well. Many rehabs offer payment plans or a sliding scale for the costs. There are also grants and scholarships available for treatment. During the intake process, individuals can ask an addiction specialist about the different ways to pay for rehab.

The Importance of Finding the Right Rehab

To become sober, individuals need the right rehab program. For teens and young adults, a family-focused program is extremely important. An addiction affects the entire family. In addition, family members play a huge role in the recovery process.

Multisystemic family therapy helps to encourage sobriety. This type of program looks at the environmental and psychological factors that fuel the addiction. Then, evidence-based behavioral therapy helps teens and young adults change their behavior.

For teens and young adults, early intervention is key. Like any chronic illness, addictions are easier to treat when individuals get help earlier. If a teen is hanging out with questionable friends or suddenly has bad grades in school, it might be a sign of a problem. Early intervention helps to address these behaviors before they are harder to manage.

Teens and young adults can choose whether they have an outpatient or intensive outpatient program. With an intensive outpatient program, the young adult receives three or four days of comprehensive treatment each week. This allows the teen to have a normal routine and minimal disruptions to their daily life.

In an outpatient program, teens and young adults visit the treatment center less frequently. These programs are less intensive, but they are still a useful option for recovery. With an outpatient program, treatment occurs once or twice a week.

Zelus Recovery

Once someone has an addiction, they need the right help to recover. At the treatment center, teens and young adults can discover programs such as:

No one deserves the pain and suffering of addiction. With the right care, you or your loved one can begin a healthy recovery. To learn more about Zelus Recovery and how we can help, call today at 866-365-4436.