There’s an incredible amount of people who have experimented with or actively use illicit drugs. With illicit drug use at an all-time high, more people than ever need drug rehab. If you or a loved one is suffering, it’s important to understand what to do next.

Purpose of Drug Rehab Boise

Overall, a drug rehabilitation program helps you overcome addiction. We know it isn’t always possible to conquer your problem alone. The stresses of everyday life coupled with opportunities to use are overwhelming. Therefore, drug rehab Boise provides a calm, serene environment to help you reach your sobriety goals.

Some ways we assist you in beating addiction include:

  • Addressing the issue(s) that led you to abuse drugs in the first place
  • Helping you deal with co-occurring mental health or behavioral disorders
  • Involving family to build a strong support system and prevent relapse
  • Considering any underlying health issues that might hinder recovery
  • Coming up with a comprehensive, custom treatment plan to meet your needs

What to Expect from Drug Rehab Boise

A teen boy considers drug rehab BoiseAny time you make a major life change such as beating an addiction, it’s natural to feel anxious. Therefore, you may feel nervous about your first visit to our rehab facility. We understand completely and go out of our way to provide comfort, understanding and support the moment you walk through the door.

Additionally, you might also feel apprehensive about the therapy process itself. Fortunately, our team is always happy to answer any questions during your treatment. Above all, we want to put your mind at ease so you can focus on reaching recovery.

At Zelus Recovery, we maintain a small staff-to-client ratio. This allows us to provide more individual attention, which ensures a greater recovery success rate. You’ll never feel you’re just another patient here.

Focus on Young Adults

One thing that sets Zelus Recovery apart from other substance abuse programs is our focus on adolescents and young adults. Geared specifically toward those under 25, we understand the unique issues that young people face. Our focus on family support also provides comfort for parents who suffer because of their son or daughter’s addiction.

Early intervention especially benefits teens, who often engage in risky behavior as a result of drug abuse. Through intervention, adolescents become aware of how their addiction affects others. They are then prompted to seek help on their own accord.

Drug Rehab Boise: Services we Offer

Upon entering our facility, you will undergo an assessment to determine your addiction severity. If necessary, we will generate referrals to more intense, inpatient treatment centers. However, a good number of addicts achieve successful recovery through our comprehensive services, which include:

Each patient undergoes a different timeline for treatment. At Zelus Recovery, we don’t measure success by how fast you complete the program. Rather, we focus on real results that ensure a better quality of life.

Get Started with Drug Rehab Boise Today!

Don’t let addiction control your life. Overcome your addiction and regain control by going to a quality drug rehab. Contact Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho at 866-365-4436 to get started on your road to recovery.