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Knowing the Adderall Addiction Signs

Adderall is a popular prescription drug for the treatment of ADHD. However, more and more students abuse the substance. On high school and college campuses, teens and young adults call it the smart drug. There are several Adderall addiction signs to look out for. Knowing these signs can help you identify when to seek a young adult Adderall addiction treatment center to help your teen.

General and Serious Adderall Addiction Signs

It’s interesting to note that you might not notice the actual signs of Adderall addiction until a crash. A crash occurs when someone stops taking the drug. Suddenly, they become tired, develop a ravenous appetite, and become aggressive. These behaviors are not typical for the individual.

Different Adderall addiction signs include reliance on the medication for staying up late and weight control. An overdose is possible when people mix the drug with alcohol or other stimulants. In this case, people might experience heart palpitations and shortness of breath. Stimulants keep the user awake and can lead to overconsumption of alcohol. Monitoring the need for young adult alcohol addiction treatment is an important consideration when searching for Adderall addiction treatment.

Forging a prescription or trying to steal a prescription pad falls into the category of severe signs of Adderall addiction. The same goes for stealing or using other peoples’ medications. For example, taking the drug from a classmate with ADHD is a serious warning sign that addiction has progressed.

Overcoming the Dependency on Stimulants

Adderall addiction signs point to a chemical dependency on stimulants. Almost all people develop a psychological addiction. They believe that they need the pills to stay awake or do well in school or at work. Rather than planning a project, teens or young adults might count on the stimulant to keep them awake.

Physical dependency happens to some individuals. It occurs when they count on the drug for weight loss. Therefore, they no longer effectively regulate their nutritional intakes. Without stimulant use, the person will eat junk food and unhealthy meals.

Intervention in the form of behavioral counseling at a teen or young adult Adderall addiction treatment center is essential. It empowers the person to make changes in the ways they react to stressful situations and triggers. Adderall and stimulant addiction treatment programs often include:

  • Group therapy for addiction education, which deepens the understanding of how detrimental Adderall abuse is to health
  • Psychotherapy for dealing with triggers that teens and young adults express while enrolled at Boise substance abuse programs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for program participants with eating disorders, anxiety, or depression
  • Family addiction counseling, which encourages the involvement of loved ones in the rehab process as well as in long-term recovery
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that prevents you from repeating the same dysfunctional patterns over and over

Partnering with Counselors for Healing

The signs of Adderall addiction worry you. Because you feel helpless to make someone else see the danger, you want to enlist help. Counselors understand that some adolescents or young adults may feel strongly about seeking a Boise substance abuse treatment program. However, they routinely work with young adults to treat them.

Zelus Recovery specialists want to be your partners when Adderall addiction signs become evident. You don’t have to go it alone. Most importantly, there’s hope right around the corner. Call 208.518.0797 today to schedule an appointment.