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Adult Life Skills

When someone decides to become sober, they need to do more than just stop using drugs or alcohol. An individual therapy program in Boise, Idaho and other programs help the client learn adult life skills. By gaining new skills and abilities, teens and young adults have a better chance of remaining sober over the long run.

What Are Adult Life Skills?

With an adult life skills program, clients learn the day-to-day skills they need to take care of themselves. When someone begins using drugs at a young age, they frequently miss out on life lessons and important milestones. Because of this, it is important for them to regain these lost skills during rehab. The right treatment program helps with adult life skills like goal setting, financial well-being, and healthy relationships. It also helps clients through community service projects and physical health programs.

Once a teen or young adult leaves rehab, they need to be able to take care of themselves. This involves more than just self-care activities like grooming, bathing and cooking dinner. It also involves being able to manage their finances, do household chores, and set reasonable goals. All of these activities require additional learning and self-discipline.

An adult life skills program helps clients learn how to become organized. They learn practical skills like time management, cooking, and budgeting. When it comes to relationships, clients learn about the importance of their support system and how to replace enabling behaviors.

What Are the Most Important Life Skills?

During the initial stages of addiction treatment programs, rehab specialists will help the client determine the best therapy options for their needs. Each person is different, so the right treatment must match the client’s individualized needs. Then, the rehab can help clients learn the eight most important adult life skills.

Self-care: This involves activities like meditation, personal hobbies, and exercise.

Cleaning up: In addition to helping with personal hygiene and sanitary living, a clean living space also gives the client a sense of safety and security.

Nutritious meals: Learning how to plan and cook healthy meals helps the client rebuild their physical health after an addiction. In addition, cooking can help the client fill up the hours they previously used on their addiction.

Financial management: Learning how to spend and save wisely can help the client reduce their stress and stay sober.

Setting goals: Learning how to set goals helps clients learn how to evaluate their own behavior. It also gives them something to work toward in life.

Healthy relationships: Honest, positive relationships help to reinforce the client’s sobriety. If they feel tempted to use again, these relationships form a support network they can reach out to.

Getting and keeping a job: After treatment, a job can help clients gain a new sense of confidence and financial stability.

Time management: By managing their time wisely, the client is able to prevent the boredom and anxiety that could lead to a relapse.

Exploring the Best Rehab Options

With the best rehab and individual therapy program Boise, Idaho offers, clients can achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle. The best rehab center can support clients through all stages of the recovery process. Group therapy gives teens and young adults the peer support they need to become sober. In addition, an adult life skills program can help clients learn how to take care of themselves after they finish their treatment.

In the rehab center, clients can learn about options such as:

If you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem, help is available. Through the unique programs at Zelus Recovery, teens and young adults can get help with adult life skills and different therapy options. To discover how we can help with your ongoing recovery, call us today at 208.518.0797.