man speaking with therapist in a trauma therapy programA lot of problems can lead to the development of addiction. Sometimes they’re environmental and social, but they’re mental other times. With that said, one of the most common causes of addiction is trauma. That’s what makes trauma therapy such an important part of rehab programs.

What Is Trauma Therapy?

As the name suggests, a trauma therapy program is one that focuses on healing past trauma. Several types of events can cause trauma in individuals. A death in the family, going to war or simply experiencing an accident can cause trauma. Abuse and sexual assault are two other common causes.

Trauma therapy focuses on helping people overcome the trauma. In the end, it helps them deal with the root cause of their addiction. It’s important that they deal with it sooner rather than later.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Suffer From Trauma?

In most cases, people know someone who has died or have experienced an accident of some kind. If that’s the case, why doesn’t everyone struggle with trauma? The reason is that not everyone deals with trauma in healthy ways.

Trauma causes distress. In most cases, the brain can deal with this distress. Sometimes, though, it fails to process trauma and grief properly. When this happens, people end up in a downward spiral and are unable to overcome the trauma.

In these situations, the individuals should seek professional help to deal with the issue. More often than not, however, they take matters into their own hands and self-medicate. For those who don’t know, self-medicating refers to the process of taking drugs without consent from a doctor.

Most of the time, people use alcohol. However, some people use other drugs as well. The main goal is to simply take enough drugs so that the trauma is less intense. While it works, it only does so for as long as people have drugs in their system.

For that reason, they have to continue to abuse drugs to get the relief that they need. Trauma therapy, however, deals with the root problem, giving them lasting relief.

How Are Trauma and Addiction Linked?

With a better understanding of trauma in general, what does it have to do with addiction? On the surface, it doesn’t appear that there’s a link at all. However, the link between the two occurs when people don’t seek professional and choose to self-medicate.

Is a Trauma Therapy Program Right for Everyone?

Trauma therapy isn’t for everyone. After all, its purpose is to help people who struggle with trauma. Those who don’t have this type of problem won’t get as much out of a trauma therapy program.

Let Zelus Recovery Help You Deal With Past Trauma

Young adults and teens are the most susceptible to trauma. That’s why Zelus Recovery, focuses on offering trauma therapy in our Boise addiction treatment programs. We help young adults overcome trauma in healthy ways.

Of course, we offer a lot more than just a trauma therapy program. We use a lot of services to help teens and young adults overcome addiction too. Some of the addiction treatment therapy programs that we offer include:

Not everyone knows if past trauma causes their addiction because the brain blocks it from memory. This process isn’t the same as dealing with the problem. People still feel the pain, but they aren’t sure what causes it. Zelus Recovery can uncover the trauma and address it so that they can get lasting relief.

Don’t let past trauma keep you from overcoming addiction. Get trauma therapy that you can count on at Zelus Recovery. Reach out to us today at 866-365-4436 for more information.