Many people think that getting caught for driving under the influence (DUI) means that their lives are over. Thankfully, a DUI rehab program at a teen alcohol rehab center can help them get their lives back on track. Taking advantage of these programs is important. After all, driving under the influence puts their lives and the lives of others in danger.

What Is a DUI?

group session during a DUI Rehab ProgramGetting a DUI means that people drive or operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Usually, it’s a misdemeanor charge. As a result, it falls under the regulation of state laws. These laws vary from state to state but typically include punishments such as:

  • Losing their driver’s licenses
  • Going to jail
  • Paying a large fine
  • Prison time if they cause injury or death to others
  • Fitting an ignition interlock device in their vehicles, which requires a breath test each time that they drive

It’s important to note that the number of times that people receive a DUI affects punishment. In general, people who continue to get DUI charges will have worse penalties than first-time offenders. However, this rule doesn’t apply when they injure others while driving while intoxicated.

What Is a DUI Rehab Program?

Most people know the purpose of a rehab program, which is to manage drug addiction. However, a DUI rehab program takes this objective a step further. Agreeing to enroll in such a program may convince judges to dismiss DUI charges. After all, the goal is to help people stop drinking or using drugs so that DUI doesn’t happen again.

Keep in mind, though, that the laws regarding a DUI rehab program differ between states. It’s important for people to know these laws or get lawyers. For example, some states only offer DUI programs to those with no prior DUI convictions. As a result, those with multiple offenses can’t use these programs to simply get out of jail for free.

Does Drinking Affect People’s Ability to Drive?

Alcohol and other drugs impair people’s driving abilities because they impair their judgment. As a result, people tend to drive recklessly, which puts others’ lives in danger.

On that same note, drinking slows down people’s reaction times. Because of that, hitting the breaks is likely to take them longer than if they weren’t under the influence. This effect increases the likelihood of a car crash, especially if they have to stop suddenly. In addition, they’re more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs.

In short, driving after drinking is bad for both teens and adults. However, it’s even more of a problem for teens. Many of them have just learned to drive, and adding drugs into the mix is a recipe for disaster.

Let Zelus Recovery Help Your Teen Overcome Drug Abuse

Does your teen face charges for driving under the influence? If so, he or she might have a drinking problem and need rehab. Thankfully, Zelus Recovery offers Boise addiction treatment programs for teens. We aim to get your teen’s life back on track and to support a drug-free life.

Zelus Recovery offers many programs, including a DUI rehab program. We want to ensure that your teen’s DUI doesn’t ruin his or her life. However, we also offer other programs for teens, such as:

Don’t let drug addiction put your teen’s life or the lives of others at risk. See how a DUI rehab program can get your teen’s life back on track. Reach out to Zelus Recovery today at 866-365-4436 for more information about our addiction treatment services.