Finding ways to pay for rehab does not have to be a struggle. Through Anthem health insurance in Idaho, individuals can cover all or part of their treatment. Before checking into rehab, make sure to talk to your insurance company to see how much of the treatment they can cover.

Does Anthem Health Insurance in Idaho Have to Cover Rehab?

doctors filling out Anthem Health Insurance In Idaho information also known as Anthem BlueCross BlueShieldSince the creation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more people can go to rehab through their insurance company. The ACA requires insurers like Anthem health insurance in Idaho to cover drug addiction like other medical problems. Insurers have to treat substance abuse disorders like any other chronic illness.

The new laws mean that behavioral health and addictions have to be a part of insurance plans. Your plan may cover all or part of the amount depending on the insurer and your state. If you are uncertain about how much Anthem BlueCross BlueShield can cover, talk to your treatment facility.

How Does Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Work?

Anthem health insurance in Idaho provides coverage through their Anthem BlueCross BlueShield program. This program includes a cost advisor that clients can access online. Through this tool, individuals can look up the costs of medical procedures and physician visits beforehand.

Members can also use the mobile app to look at health insurance information. Right now, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield offers bronze, silver, gold and catastrophic plans. The coinsurance, copay, out-of-pocket maximum and premium costs vary according to which plan the individual chooses. Like other insurers, Anthem lets buyers choose their plan online during open enrollment.

Anthem Health Insurance in Idaho and Paying for Rehab

There are many ways to get rehab insurance coverage and financing options for rehab. Some people use their savings to pay for costs that their insurance company will not cover. Other people ask friends and family members to help through gifts or loans. Depending on the rehab, individuals may be able to use a financing plan to pay for their treatment costs gradually.

Anthem health insurance in Idaho covers inpatient rehab, detox or partial hospitalization depending on the specific insurance plan. Anyone who has an addiction can use their online support and educational tools. Thankfully, insurers can no longer penalize individuals for pre-existing conditions like an addiction. Substance abuse disorders are now one of the ten benefits that the ACA requires insurers to cover.

Discovering the Right Addiction Treatment

The right treatment center depends on the individual. Teens and young adults may want an outpatient or an intensive outpatient program to start their treatment. With an intensive outpatient program, the individual receives three or four intensive sessions a week. An outpatient program requires a lower time commitment, which allows the teen to continue going to school.

Since many individuals use drugs and alcohol to cope with mental disorders, dual diagnosis care is important. The individual has to treat their mental disorder while they recover from their addiction. Otherwise, the symptoms of the mental disorder may tempt them to relapse later on.

Getting help is the first step in recovering from an addiction. Like most chronic illnesses, it is easier to treat an addiction when you catch it earlier. At a high-quality treatment center, individuals can find options such as:

If you or your loved one has an addiction, you do not have to suffer in silence. The right help can help you begin your recovery. To discover how Zelus Recovery can help you become sober, call us today at 866-365-4436.