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What’s the Addiction Definition?

A woman wonders what the addiction definition isWhen people hear the word “addiction,” they usually think about drugs. This is because experts often apply the addiction definition to illicit substances. However, research shows that other euphoria-inducing behaviors have addictive potential as well. For example, gambling and shopping could both become problematic. Therefore, understanding the addiction definition increases awareness about this mental disease.

The Addiction Definition

Experts define addiction as a chronic brain disease affecting memory, motivation, and reward functions. People with the condition pursue the relief or reward a behavior or substance produces. The traits of addiction include using despite outstanding circumstances, cravings, impaired control, and failure to stop consuming substances. Overall, addiction is a compulsion that harms the participant and those around them.

Furthermore, experts list seven criteria for addiction and people only need to meet three of these. For example, these include tolerance, withdrawal, limited control, and negative outcomes. Spending too much time focusing on the substance or behavior is another addiction indicator. Additionally, neglecting obligations and being unable to quit may be signs that drug rehab is necessary as well.

Even if the definition of addiction varies slightly, a few aspects stay the same. Often, the problem involves loss of control over the compulsion to use.

The Difference Between Abuse and Addiction

Many people confuse abuse and addiction. However, these are two very different conditions.

Abuse occurs when people can’t function well at home, school, or work because of addictive behavior. Despite the risks, an individual repeatedly uses. Eventually, they may develop personal and legal problems.

This substance abuse definition sounds very similar to addiction. However, the key difference is that people still have control over their actions while abusing substances. On the other hand, addiction doesn’t suddenly occur. Instead, it develops after prolonged abuse and leads to an inability to control use.

Types of Addiction

There are several types of addiction. Substance use disorder may involve cannabis, cocaine, heroin, meth, prescriptions, and other drugs. Often, when people think of addiction, these substances come to mind.

However, behavioral addictions don’t involve substances. For example, cutting, excessive eating, shopping, spiritual obsession, and watching porn are all behavioral addictions. Additionally, people can develop addictions while playing video games, having sex, and using the internet. Believe it or not, they can even have an addiction to exercise or pain.

In addition, addiction experts identify specific behaviors that fall under impulse control disorders. Those they recognize include compulsive gambling, setting fires, stealing, and committing physically aggressive acts.

Quality Addiction Treatment Is Always Available

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