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The 5 Symptoms of Alcoholism [Infographic]

Addictions to drugs and alcohol rarely appear suddenly. Often, it’s possible to identify substance abuse signs early. Thus, parents who learn the five most common symptoms of alcoholism can get their teens help faster. Overall, the sooner alcohol addiction treatment begins, the sooner teens and young adults can progress with their futures.

1. Drop in Academic Performance

Most teens and young adults are either in high school or college. During this time, academics are a significant part of their lives. While there are many reasons grades suffer, alcohol abuse could always be one of them.

Once an alcohol addiction develops, nothing is more important than drinking. Thus, teens are unable to focus on schoolwork, or struggling with constant hangovers. If grades drop suddenly without explanation, alcohol abuse could be the culprit.

2. Changes in Social Habits

It’s normal for friendships to change during the teenage years. For example, the friends you have at 13 won’t necessarily be your friends when you’re 20. However, it’s unusual for young adults to quickly switch social circles. Therefore, it’s always worth investigating why.

3. Weight Fluctuations

One method for identifying an alcohol addiction is when personal appearance changes. In the throes of addiction, individuals don’t spend as much time grooming themselves. Additionally, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to weight fluctuations.

For example, if activity levels stay the same, heavy drinking could lead to weight gain. On the other hand, many teen drinkers find that they eat less. This can result in weight loss. Regardless, sudden and unexplained changes to weight are problematic, and they could be a sign of alcohol abuse or addiction.

4. Changes in Spending

Many teens and young adults have a limited budget. Even those who work full or part time typically don’t have excessive amounts of money. If there are obvious changes in finances, however, substance abuse could be at fault. For example, teens may ask for money in order to support their drinking habit.

5. Privacy and Withdrawal

An alcohol addiction changes a person’s personality and behavior. For example, it can make teens who are normally bubbly and friendly turn into quiet, solemn individuals. It can also lead to isolation as they attempt to hide their symptoms from parents and loved ones. When young people withdraw from things they once enjoyed, they could be in the throes of addiction.

Seeking Treatment for Symptoms of Alcoholism

If you identify any of these symptoms of alcoholism, addiction treatment therapy is necessary. At Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho, teens and young adults undergo the alcohol addiction treatment they deserve. This can include everything from individual behavioral therapy to an outpatient family program. Call 208.518.0797 to learn more about overcoming an addiction to alcohol and finding the path to lifelong recovery.