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Zelus Recovery JCO Accreditation

Here at Zelus Recovery, we strive to provide the best rehab and recovery services to the teens and young adults of Meridian, Idaho. We’re constantly looking to improve our facility and services in order to provide for the individuals and families who turn to us for help. This is why Zelus Recovery is happy to announce that we’ve received The Joint Commission accreditation.

The Joint Commission: Who They Are

Zelus Recovery has received The Joint Commission accreditationThe JCO is a non-profit, independent organization that works to accredit programs and organizations within the healthcare field throughout the United States. Nationwide, the accreditation given by the JCO is an emblem of both commitment and quality within the healthcare field. JCO works hard to create a standard for all organizations and programs to strive towards, helping to improve the overall quality of healthcare for the public. Their goal is to allow the public to receive the best quality of care while also remaining safe and valued.

What The Joint Commission Accreditation Means for Zelus Recovery

With the support of The Joint Commission, Zelus Recovery can work even harder to create a program that supports the Meridian community. In addition, we can focus on strengthening the safety and quality of care we provide for our clients. As one of the few accredited programs within Treasure Valley, Zelus Recovery is proud to continue the Gold standard of service that JCO strives for.

Zelus Recovery is ready to continue our highest quality of services. We offer the following services to help young adults and teens:

If you or a loved one is need of JCO Accredited services, call Zelus Recovery today. We’re here to provide a number of substance and drug abuse programs for the youth of Meridian. See what we have to offer by calling us at 208.518.0797. We’ll put you on the road to recovery.