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Teen Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Therapy

Many families just like yours are trying to cope with a young person’s addiction. If you and your loved ones are caught in this struggle, teen substance abuse treatment and family therapy can help. With the right guidance, you and your family can start to reconnect and heal. Most importantly, your loved one can overcome their addiction problem and build a healthy foundation for lasting rehabilitation.

relatives receive substance abuse treatment and family therapyTeens and Alcohol

Alcohol abuse and addiction are serious problems that impact people of all ages, race, and socioeconomic class. Alcohol abuse can lead to severe consequences for anyone. However, teens and young adults are especially vulnerable to its effects. This is because the behavior alters their developing brains and impairs their emotional functioning.

There are many more reasons to seek help for your teen before their alcohol problem develops into something more damaging. Even more worrying, young people who abuse alcohol are increasingly more likely to suffer from a co-occurring mental disorder. This can lead to psychological issues that are long-lasting, including depression and anxiety. Additionally, young people who drink are much more likely to eventually abuse harder drugs, like cocaine.

Furthermore, teens and young adults who abuse alcohol increase their risk of becoming victims of a physical or sexual assault. This is because alcohol consumption impairs judgment and lowers inhibitions.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Therapy Can Help

Teen alcohol abuse has the potential to hurt your family without the right treatment. However, rehab at Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho, can help your teen or young loved one overcome their problem and start working towards positive change. Our comprehensive treatment plans are designed to guide young people away from destructive behaviors and towards a sober lifestyle.

Therefore, if you live in Idaho, seek our treatment programs, therapies, and services which include:

You might be feeling helpless when it comes to your teen or young loved one’s alcohol problem. However, understand you aren’t alone. Treatment at Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho, offers the comprehensive programs and treatment modalities necessary for real, lasting change. If your family is ready to start working together to achieve healing, our team of specialists is eager to help you begin.

Teen Addiction Treatment with Zelus Recovery

If you’ve reached the end of this article, you know the potential consequences of adolescent alcohol abuse, and the importance of substance abuse treatment and family therapy. Don’t let your teen or young loved one suffer in silence with their alcohol problem any longer. Lasting recovery is always achievable. If you live in Idaho, choose Zelus Recovery in Meridian for truly compassionate treatment. Contact our office today at 208.518.0797 to learn more about how our alcohol addiction treatment center can help repair the damage alcohol abuse has done.