young woman suffering from an Alcohol Use DisorderAlcohol use disorder is surprisingly common among teens and young adults. The teen years up to age 25 present so many incredible opportunities, some older adults would love to experience their “glory days” again. But sadly, too many teens and young adults spend these glorious times of their life drinking alcohol and missing out on the bounty in front of them.

Many factors lead a teen or young adult into drinking. Environment, peer pressure, the sudden availability of alcohol in their lives, and even genetics put your young person at risk. Far too many go down a path that leads to their destruction, instead of opening their lives to the promise at their feet.

What is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol use disorder is the ongoing overuse of alcohol that increases your teen or young adult’s risk of severe health problems. It also puts them at risk because of drunken behavior and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 88,000 people die each year from alcohol abuse, including teens and young adults just like your own.

Alcohol use disorder affects people at multiple levels. The first level is moderate drinking. The second and third are binge drinking and heavy drinking. At any of these levels, your teen or young adult has a real problem that needs treatment.

Moderate drinking is one drink daily for adult females and two drinks daily for adult males. This says nothing of a young person drinking in teen years when their body is still changing and growing. In fact, in the late teens, your young person’s brain is still developing. Consuming alcohol at these young ages often causes lasting damage.

Binge drinking is drinking five or more alcoholic beverages in one day. Even if this happens no more than once a month, this behavior still classifies as an alcohol use disorder. Heavy drinking involves five or more alcoholic beverages in one day, over five or more days per month. Both of these conditions put your teen or young adult at high risk for health and safety problems.

A diagnosis of alcohol use disorder (AUD) comes after a doctor sees your teen or young adult and evaluates their drinking. Some of the symptoms of an AUD include problems controlling their drinking, continuing to drink despite problems it causes and having withdrawal symptoms when not drinking. The number of criteria your young person meets under the disorder determines whether they suffer mild, moderate or severe AUD.

Alcohol Use Starts Early

For many people, drinking begins as early as age 12. More than half of people over this age drink alcohol, with most drinking only moderately. But 17 million people – including teens and young adults – have an actual alcohol use problem. Alcohol abuse also affects 24 percent of eighth-grade students and 64 percent of 12th-grade students.

When an eighth grader or someone in their middle school years starts engaging in dangerous activities like drinking alcohol, this is a sign of worse things yet to come. Your young person has many years left in school and forming the foundation for the rest of their life. For these early problems, your teen needs Early Intervention program help, like that of Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho.

Zelus Recovery in Idaho Helps Your Whole Family Heal

Healing from early AUD does not start and end with treating your teen or young adult. Instead, this treatment involves your whole family. AUD is a family disease, as any addiction affects the entire family. The only way to end the multi-generational problem is to get the treatment your teen, young adult and family need now.

Substance abuse programs of Zelus Recovery in Meridian, Idaho include:

Your teen or young adult’s alcohol use disorder can end now, before losing the potential for their healthy, happy adulthood to the drinking problem. Call Zelus Recovery now at 866-365-41436 for more information about available programs and getting the help your young person needs.